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Off to Barcelona now til Sunday night. Get me etc. Stay tuned next week for my 80s cop show extravaganza.


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Sorry for the lack of recent updates, I was in deepest Cavan for a while,
where the internet is dialup (remember that?!) and blogging is a technological impossibility. They don’t even have YouTube – how can they live?

Anyhoo, stay tuned for some new musings coming up nnnooooo… soon.

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the pic

This blog template is called MistyLook (oh the humanity!) which came with this rather quaint pastoral park scene as the header image. It’s not very indicative of the stuff I’m going to be blogging about but I kind of like it, so will probably leave it there until something more suitable presents itself.

That will be all. As Ming says in Big Train, now leaf me.

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Everyone’s doing it, they said. Okay, I said, I will I said. But what will I blog about, I asked. Whatever you want, they said. Okay, I said, I might write about music, and perhaps movies and TV, and any other nonspecific cultural bits that might happen to bob to the surface. Fine, they said, whatever, just go and write the bloody thing and stop annoying us.

Okay, I said.

I will, I said.

But I’d better check with the Maxi’s tiger first.


Thankfully, he said go for it. So here goes.

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